Jumbo Blue Roll Holder

Industry: Power Transmission

Product: Roll Holder

The Story of the Jumbo Blue Roll Holder

The Problem

A client approached Black Hills Products having seen an item created for internal use during a site visit.

The client regularly used Jumbo blue paper rolls, both in their depots and their work vans, however the lack of a good holder meant that in each of the locations, the rolls were left lying about and often ended up rolling around the floor, resulting in wasting paper or even damaging the rolls beyond use.

Why was Black Hills Products chosen?

Black Hills Products has a long standing relationship with the customer and during a previous site visit, the customer had noticed some racks we had made for internal use. The client asked if we could design a similar product for them, so as to provide a place for the jumbo sized rolls they use in order for them to may maintain their 5s methodology.

How Black Hills Products Responded

Black Hills Products utilised the base model from their product which was already designed. This was then shortened and deepened to fit the jumbo sized blue roll. The addition of a tray on the top of the unit allowed for extra cleaning products while simultaneously providing an element of rigidity for the sides.

The Results

The first batch of 10 have just recently been installed by the customer and the response from the shop floor has been very positive.