Unique Offroad Specific Products

Industry: Aftermarket Automotive Industry

Product: Selection of Unique Offroad Specific Products

The Story of the Unique Offroad Products

The Problem

A common problem found by both professional and recreational users of offroad vehicles, is the poor quality, ill-fitting and insufficient durability of aftermarket accessories. The brief was clear; unique design, high quality products and bombproof.

Why was Black Hills Products chosen?

Black Hills Products has a long standing relationship with the customer and a reputation for designing products that exceed client expectations. We design for manufacture ensuring all eventualities are catered for hence eliminating any potential issues which could arise in the future.

How Black Hills Products Responded

We studied current market offerings and evaluated their designs, all the while combing user forums to research any issues found in real world situations. We then CAD engineered the various solutions beginning with a study of the relevant vehicle sub structures and body shapes. Using Solidworks, a 3D model was created for each product or component and assembled against the drawings of the vehicles attributes, then prototyping was initiated.

The Results

The many concepts were well received and various product designs have been acclaimed to be the best available. Using continuous improvement, some aspects of the designs have been fine-tuned over time. Now all products are in production and regular bulk orders are being received each month. Through the client, the large selection of products designed and manufactured by us have now been sold to virtually every continent.